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“The American story literally grows out of the prairie”

“We can see the prairie the way that the American Indians saw it”

“The prairie is our connection to America’s past”
– John & Karen Deitering

“We always visit in the spring to listen to the (Western) Meadowlark”

Rocks, grass, and sky. What more do you need?
–Tom Brakke

Just like Little House on the Prairie from my childhood!
—Visitor from Japan

In July of 2010, my father and I went for long weekend of painting and camping and painting and then some more painting in Blue Mound State Park, MN . I wanted to go to a place that was new to my eyes. It was windy hot and fruitful. I would leave the paintings at camp on the picnic table, rather than have them collect the dust of powdery country roads. My father became a docent for those who took the long way past the table to gather their water. I had locked in on the place and painted from dawn to dusk. I still had the good fortune of meeting a few of the on lookers when I returned to camp to drop off the paintings. (more…)

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